Day 2 31 Dec 2016

Day two started with some new ideas on portfolio construction

In particular I was considering the approach of either a set of similar sized initiatives or 2-3 larger initiatives which will generate the bulk of income and a few smaller ‘experimental, experiential’ activities.

Examples of category 2 include selling pictures online (e.g. stock photography) and providing calligraphy services….

More thoughts appearing soon

Day 2 out…


Day 1 30 Dec 2016

Here it is – after a 15 minute car ride following a great dinner with the folks at our favourite Eritrean Restaurant…

My move from P45 to a portfolio career.

What is going to happen on the journey?

Well – ┬áthe goal is to create a portfolio of revenue streams (some active, some passive) which will enable me to replace a full time job with having a portfolio career.

What is a portfolio career?

Stay tuned….

Hats Off to John Williams – the creator of Screw Work Lets Play and Screw Work Break Free!